Jonathan Mackenzie

Software Engineer

PhD, Flinders University
Android. Python. Fencing.

About Me

Presently I am employed full-time as a software engineer

I completed PhD student at Flinders University. My research focuses on predicting and detecting incidents in short term traffic flow.
Read my thesis here
My other interests include self-teaching and learning about:

  • Algorithmic art
  • Machine learning
  • Parallel programming with OpenCL
  • Web development with a Python/Linux/nginx/bootstrap workflow
  • Veganism
  • Coaching fencing


Most of my projects, including my PhD work and publications, are available open source on github profile

  • Rpi-can-logger project: software package for raspberry pi to log, interpret and upload CAN data from a variety of vehicle types
  • Webcan: a web based viewer and analysis suite for use with rpi-can-logger
  • nn-cl: an in-development neural network library written in opencl/pyopencl/python
  • HTM-Models-Adelaide: project for predicting traffic flow and visualising results
  • img_term: a fun library to render images/video/usb camera to your terminal
  • pyramid_mongodb2: plugin for pyramid to better integrate mongodb into your pyramid project, including a comprehensive debugtoolbar addon
  • traffic-prediction: using LSTM with python/keras to predict traffic flow
  • TonsleyLEDManager: pyramid/mysql/pygame project to display animations on the LED display at Flinders Tonsley
  • Bibtex-Label-Creator: generate Bibtex labels for Endnote
  • Markov-img-gen: Experiment in learning/generating images as a Markov process using maximum likelihood
  • Album2mp4: script using python/ffmpeg to generate videos from albums
  • Twatbot2: IRC bot with a lot of features
  • Android Oscilloscope view: a custom view for Android that renders a view as an oscilloscope would with an erasor
  • htm-over-http: a small library to run and interact with HTM models via REST interface

Open Source Contributions

I've contributed to a number of open source projects, including:

  • Nupic: a biologically inspired framework for prediction and anomaly detection
  • Hyperas: a template based library for hyperparameter optimisation

Android Apps

Released a number of apps on the google play store for Android:


An Evaluation of HTM and LSTM for Short-Term Arterial Traffic Flow Prediction

Published in IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, investigating and comparing HTM and LSTM for short term arterial traffic prediction


Feel free to contact me through the following means: